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Rev. Andrew Inglis, Dundee

By Andrew Bonar

      GLASGOW, 9th July 1891.

      MY DEAR MR. INGLIS,--I have just been at Greenock, hearing the particulars of my brother John's last hours. He died really like one falling asleep 'in a good old age.' But you, dear brother, are mourning over a beloved daughter called away in her prime, and in the midst of her usefulness. 'His ways are in the sea, and His paths in the great waters.' We have tried to remember you and Mrs. Inglis, and I am sure the Lord Jesus has as much sympathy for you both as He had for Martha and Mary, and is saying to you as truly as to them, 'If you will believe (that is, "if you will only trust My word for it ") you shall see the glory of God in this sore trial.' Resurrection is coming soon, and He who is the Resurrection is coming, and 'will tell us all things.'

      With true sympathy with all your house and bereaved ones.--Yours in tribulation, as well as in the faith of the Gospel,




      GLASGOW, 16th Dec. 1891


      -- 'He doth not afflict willingly, nor grieve the children of men '--how much more unwilling He must be to afflict His own children. He must be purposing some special blessing to you by this stroke. Meanwhile, look within the veil (Rev. 7) and 'rejoice with them that do rejoice,' while at the same time you look forward and sing:

      'The time draws near when from the clouds
      Christ shall with shouts descend.

      'A few short years of evil past,
      We reach the happy shore
      Where death-divided friends at last
      Shall meet, to part no more.'

      You will find that you are prayed for by very many at this time, and all these prayers cannot fail to bring you and yours what otherwise you could not have gained.--

      Yours, my dear brother, in true sympathy, for I 'know the heart of a stranger, seeing I have been a stranger in the land of Egypt,'


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