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The Faithful and True Witness

By Bible Names of God

      "These things saith the...Faithful and true Witness." Revelation 3:14

      We have viewed Him as the Faithful Witness, but He is also the Faithful and True Witness. Is it not wonderful? How marvelously the Holy Spirit emphasizes the character of Christ for us. Here we have the "Amen" amplified. The word "Faithful" asserts the truthfulness of "True" for it implies "real and complete." He has seen that which He attested, and He was competent and willing to faithfully witness. Has the church been a faithful and true witness? No, she has not. Let us come a little closer. Have we been faithful and true witnesses? Alas, we must bow our heard with shame as we remember our failure. Will we be?

      Oh, Lord our Savior, forgive us for our faithlessness as witnesses. Anoint us to stand before a lost world and be True at any cost. Amen.

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