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The Chief Shepherd

By Bible Names of God

      "And when the Chief Shepherd shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away." 1 Peter 5:4

      Christ as our Shepherd has already been considered as the "Door of the Sheep," "The Good Shepherd," "The One Shepherd," "The Great Shepherd," and now we have the climax in "The Chief Shepherd." In Him is vested all authority and power. He will give the rewards to the faithful. His glory is to be shared by us. Our faithfulness to Him here is to be rewarded there. We visualize Him with shepherd staff leading, guiding, directing His sheep, enfolding them in safety. But there is the glad day which is to come when He will crown His loyal ones. Is there anything more to be desired than the privilege accorded us of making Him now the chiefest of ten thousand in our hearts?

      Lord, be Thou to us today the Altogether Lovely One. Amen.

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