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The Captain of Our Salvation

By Bible Names of God

      "For it became make the Captain of their salvation perfect through suffering." Hebrews 2:10

      We cannot but bow our heads as we read this verse and meditate upon the Captain of our salvation and His perfection. He was God and He was Man, we have learned. As Man He must be manifest in the life. He is the Son of God, the Captain (or "Author") of salvation. We are the sons of God. The mode and method of perfection is manifested by our Leader. He was tempted; so are we. He suffered; so must we. He was persecuted; so must we be. He paid the price; so must we. The climax for Him and for us is glory.

      Let us bow our heads and hearts to our Leader today and obey His orders. He will be with us in every trial and suffering. Amen.

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