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The Image of the Invisible God

By Bible Names of God

      "Who is the Image of the Invisible God, the first born of every creature" Colossians 1:15

      It is difficult for us to refrain from loud acclamation as we view this expression concerning our Lord, the very "Image of the Invisible God!" We look at Him and we see God. We hear His voice and we hear God. We see Him holding the children in His arms, and we see God. We see Him in the home of friends, and we see God. We see Him feeding the multitudes, and we see God. There is but one God, and He is the One. "Great is the mystery!" Great is our expectation! Glory to God in the highest: We know Him. We love Him. We wait with longing hearts for Him.

      Lord Jesus, in whom dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, we worship Thee! We adore Thee! We look and long for Thee. Amen.

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