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Lord of All

By Bible Names of God

      "The word which God sent unto the children of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus Christ; (He is Lord of all)." Acts 10:36

      Jesus Christ is Lord of all men. Peter was a Jew and did not want to depart from Jewish ground, but God sent him a vision from Heaven to make clear to him that He was no respecter of persons. "While Peter yet spoke the Holy Ghost fell upon all that heard the Word." Our Lord loves all; He died for all: He commissions us to go and preach to all. The world is the field, and every soul living has a claim upon us, which we must meet and answer for. What a wonderful Lord of all! What a wonderful Gospel! What a wonderful salvation!

      Oh, Thou Lord of all, reprove us today for our selfishness, our lack of likeness to Thee, and fill us with the Holy Ghost that we may gladly be witnesses to all men. Amen.

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