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The Man

By Bible Names of God

      "Behold the man" John 19:5

      "Behold the Man!" How little Pilate knew what he was doing when he bestowed upon our Lord that significant title, "The Man!" The word "man" is used nearly three thousand times in the Bible, but there is only one "The Man"- the Man from Heaven. The word in the original is "Adam"- a human being- and such He was. Oh, the marvel of it! It seems too good to be true, and yet it is true. For our sakes- in order to be one with us and to bear our sin- He threw aside His royal vesture and donned the garments of humanity, that He might interpret to us the purpose of the Father.

      In the name of this Man, our Father, we ask for guidance today and pray that our hearts may be in tune with His. Amen

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