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      Mark 14:61 But he held his peace, and answered nothing. Again the high priest asked him, and said unto him, Art thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?

      The court is convened. The High Priest is presiding. Charges had been brought against the Lord Jesus Christ by false witnesses but they had not agreed. The High Priest put to Him a question, "Art Thou the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?" And He Answered, "I-Am." There was no denial of the Title, but a straight confession of His Sonship, Heirship, Power and coming Glory. And when He comes --- if He tarry yet a season --- we will be among those (after the tribulation & that "man of sin" {anti-Christ} comes) who will be caught up in the clouds to meet Him in the air and, with the hosts of Heaven, acclaim Him "Blessed!"

      Lord, Jesus Christ, Thou Son of the Blessed, hasten the glad day! Amen.

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