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      Job 9:33 Neither is there any daysman betwixt us, [that] might lay his hand upon us both. {any...: Heb. one that should argue} {daysman: or, umpire}

      In this chapter Job is recognizing God's righteous justice in dealing with man, and his need of a "Daysman", --- an arbitrator Who would have the Power to lay one hand upon God and the other upon sinful man and be a mediator between them. But, thank God, He has provided such a "Daysman" in His Own Son Who having borne our sins on Calvary and satisfied God's justice, can open the Way for us to approach Him and have the consciousness of the forgiveness of every sin and fellowship with Himself.

      Our Lord, how we rejoice that Thou art our "Daysman". Lay Thy pierced had upon our heads this day. Amen

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