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Rev. Duncan Stewart, Hawick

By Andrew Bonar

      GLASGOW, I3th Feb. 1886.


      --Your 'Lectures' (On the Covenanters, which Mr. Stewart had been delivering in Hawick.) have reached me this week and last--both of them very fresh and most interesting. It has been to you a labour of love, and of 'brotherly love;' for these true witnesses for Christ's Crown and Covenant, though sleeping in the dust for a time, still live, and are ready to meet us who love their Lord on the Day of His appearing. They will be among those who were 'beheaded for the witness of Jesus,' and we who sympathise with them shall be among 'those who did not worship the Beast nor receive his mark,' either on forehead or hand. We shall reign together! . . .--Yours truly, dear brother,


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