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Rules for the Battle of Faith against Sin

By Basilea Schlink

      The battle against sin is an absolute must, because we are threatened by an enemy who constantly incites us to sin in order to bring us to ruin.

      The battle against sin can only be fought with Jesus' attitude against sin: Take measures, do not spare yourself, "pluck out your eye".

      The battle against sin means not only recognizing our sin, but also investing time and energy in prayer-and also taking the next practical step of repentance.

      The battle against sin means radically turning away from sin-taking just the opposite path.

      The battle against sin means setting definite goals of faith-beginning with genuine repentance, godly sorrow over our sin and a broken and contrite heart.

      The battle against sin entails bringing the sinful deed under the blood of the Lamb-but at the same time into the light, confessing it to others, especially those who have been involved, or whom one has hurt.

      The battle against sin means to recognize the sinful trait behind one's sinful deed in the light of truth and to take measures against it.

      The battle against sin means never growing weary of proclaiming the victorious name of Jesus; it involves faith that endures until the end.

      The battle against sin involves saying "Yes" to the chastening of God, which we need for purification and release.

      The battle against sin means counting on Him who has already won this battle-Jesus Christ, who died and arose from the dead in order to save us from our sins and grant us newness of life in Him.

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