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JESUS, we on the word depend,

By A Collection of Hymns

      L.M. John xv. 26, 27.
      1 JESUS, we on the word depend,
      Spoken by thee while present here,
      "The Father in my name shall send
      The Holy Ghost, the Comforter."

      2 That promise made to Adam's race,
      Now, Lord, in us, even us, fulfil;
      And give the Spirit of thy grace,
      To teach us all thy perfect will.

      3 That heavenly Teacher of mankind,
      That Guide infallible impart,
      To bring thy sayings to our mind,
      And write them on our faithful heart.

      4 He only can the words apply
      Through which we endless life possess
      And deal to each his legacy,
      His Lord's unutterable peace.

      5 That peace of God, that peace of thine,
      O might he now to us bring in,
      And fill our souls with power divine,
      And make an end of fear and sin;

      6 The length and breadth of love reveal,
      The height and depth of Deity;
      And all the sons of glory seal,
      And change, and make us all like thee!

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