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Come, thou Conqueror of the nations

By A Collection of Hymns

      8 7, 8 7, 4 7.

      1 COME, thou Conqueror of the nations,
      Now on thy white horse appear;
      Earthquakes, dearths, and desolations
      Signify thy kingdom near:
      True and faithful!
      Stablish thy dominion here.

      2 Thine the kingdom, power, and glory;
      Thine the ransomed nations are;
      Let the heathen fall before thee,
      Let the isles thy power declare;
      Judge and conquer
      All mankind in righteous war.

      3 Thee let all mankind admire,
      Object of our joy and dread!
      Flame thine eyes with heavenly fire,
      Many crowns upon thy head;
      But thine essence
      None, except thyself, can read.

      4 Yet we know our Mediator,
      By the Father's grace bestowed;
      Meanly clothed in human nature,
      Thee we call the Word of God;
      Flesh thy vesture,
      Dipped in thy own sacred blood.

      5 Captain, God of our salvation,
      Thou who hast the wine-press trod,
      Borne the Almighty's indignation,
      Quenched the fiercest wrath of God,
      Take the kingdom,
      Claim the purchase of thy blood.

      6 On thy thigh and vesture written,
      Show the world thy heavenly name,
      That, with loving wonder smitten,
      All may glorify the Lamb;
      All adore thee,
      All the Lord of hosts proclaim.

      7 Honour, glory, and salvation
      To the Lord our God we give;
      Power, and endless adoration,
      Thou art worthy to receive;
      Reign triumphant,
      King of kings, for ever live!

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