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JESUS, to thee we fly,

By A Collection of Hymns

      2-6s & 4-7s. Hebrews vi. 20.
      1 JESUS, to thee we fly,
      On thee for help rely;
      Thou our only refuge art,
      Thou dost all our fears control,
      Rest of every troubled heart,
      Life of every dying soul.

      2 We lift our joyful eyes,
      And see the dazzling prize,
      See the purchase of thy blood,
      Freely now to sinners given;
      Thou the living way hast showed
      Thou to us hast opened heaven.

      3 We now, divinely bold,
      Of thy reward lay hold;
      All thy glorious joy is ours,
      All the treasures of thy love;
      Now we taste the heavenly powers,
      Now we reign with thee above.

      4 Our anchor sure and fast
      Within the veil is cast;
      Stands our never-failing hope
      Grounded in the holy place;
      We shall after thee mount up,
      See the Godhead face to face.

      5 By faith already there,
      In thee our Head, we are;
      With our great forerunner we
      Now in heavenly places sit,
      Banquet with the Deity,
      See the world beneath our feet.

      6 Thou art our flesh and bone,
      Thou art to heaven gone;
      Gone, that we might all pursue,
      Closely in thy footsteps tread;
      Gone, that we might follow too,
      Reign triumphant with our Head.

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