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HAIL the day that sees him rise,

By A Collection of Hymns

      7s On the Ascension of Christ.
      1 HAIL the day that sees him rise,
      Ravished from our wishful eyes!
      Christ, awhile to mortals given,
      Reascends his native heaven.

      2 There the pompous triumph waits:
      "Lift your heads, eternal gates;
      Wide unfold the radiant scene;
      Take the King of glory in!"

      3 Circled round with angel-powers,
      Their triumphant Lord, and ours,
      Conqueror over death and sin;
      "Take the King of glory in!"

      4 Him though highest heaven receives,
      Still he loves the earth he leaves;
      Though returning to his throne,
      Still he calls mankind his own.

      5 See, he lifts his hands above!
      See, he shows the prints of love!
      Hark, his gracious lips bestow
      Blessings on his church below!

      6 Still for us his death he pleads;
      Prevalent he intercedes;
      Near himself prepares our place,
      Harbinger of human race.

      7 Master, (will we ever say)
      Taken from our head to day;
      See thy faithful servants, see,
      Ever gazing up to thee.

      8 Grant, though parted from our sight,
      High above yon azure height,
      Grant our hearts may thither rise,
      Following thee beyond the skies.

      9 Ever upward let us move,
      Wafted on the wings of love;
      Looking when our Lord shall come,
      Longing, gasping after home.

      10 There we shall with thee remain,
      Partners of thy endless reign;
      There thy face unclouded see,
      Find our heaven of heavens in thee.

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