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CHRIST, of all my hopes the ground,

By A Collection of Hymns

      7s. Philippians i. 21.
      1 CHRIST, of all my hopes the ground,
      Christ, the spring of all my joy,
      Still in thee may I be found,
      Still for thee my powers employ.

      2 Let thy love my heart inflame,
      Keep thy fear before my sight,
      Be thy praise my highest aim,
      Be thy smile my chief delight!

      3 When affliction clouds my sky,
      And the wintry tempests blow,
      Let thy mercy-beaming eye
      Sweetly cheer the night of woe.

      4 When new triumphs of thy name
      Swell the raptured songs above,
      May I feel a kindred flame,
      Full of zeal, and full of love!

      5 Life's best joy, to see thy praise
      Fly on wings of gospel light,
      Leading on millennial days,
      Scattering all the shades of night!

      6 Fountain of o'erflowing grace,
      Freely from thy fulness give;
      Till I close my earthly race,
      May I prove it "Christ to live!" ==7s. SECOND PART

      7 WHEN, with wasting sickness worn,
      Sinking to the grave I lie,
      Or, by sudden anguish torn,
      Startled nature dreads to die;

      8 Jesus, my redeeming Lord,
      Be thou then in mercy near!
      Let thy smile of love afford
      Full relief from all my fear.

      9 Firmly trusting in thy blood,
      Nothing shall my heart confound;
      Safely shall I pass the flood,
      Safely reach Immanuel's ground.

      10 When I touch the blessed shore,
      Back the closing waves shall roll;
      Death's dark stream shall never more
      Part from thee my ravished soul. ll Thus, O thus, an entrance give
      To the land of cloudless sky;
      Having known it "Christ to live,"
      Let me find it "gain to die!"

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