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FULL of providential love,

By A Collection of Hymns

      7s & 6s. Psalm lxv. A Harvest Thanksgiving.
      1 FULL of providential love,
      Thou dost thy sons sustain,
      Send thy blessings from above
      In earth-enriching rain;
      From thy river in the skies
      Streams through airy channels flow,
      Bid the springing corn arise,
      And cheer the world below.

      2 Kindly do the showers distil,
      Taught by the art of God,
      All the settled furrows fill,
      And soften every clod;
      Thou the acceptable year
      Dost with smiling plenty crown;
      Clouds the treasured fatness bear,
      And drop in blessings down.

      3 Springs the watered wilderness
      Into a fruitful field;
      Earth her hundred-fold increase
      Doth at thy bidding yield;
      Hills and vales with praises ring,
      Joy ascends to heaven above;
      Laugh the harvesters, and sing
      The bounteous God of love.

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