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COME, let us use the grace divine,

By A Collection of Hymns

      C.M. Jeremiah l. 5.
      1 COME, let us use the grace divine,
      And all, with one accord,
      In a perpetual covenant join
      Ourselves to CHRIST the LORD:

      2 Give up ourselves, through Jesu's power,
      His name to glorify;
      And promise, in this sacred hour,
      For GOD to live and die.

      3 The covenant we this moment make
      Be ever kept in mind:
      We will no more our God forsake,
      Or cast his words behind.

      4 We never will throw off his fear
      Who hears our solemn vow:
      And if thou art well-pleased to hear,
      Come down, and meet us now!

      5 Thee, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
      Let all our hearts receive;
      Present with the Celestial host,
      The peaceful answer give!

      6 To each the covenant blood apply,
      Which takes our sins away;
      And register our names on high,
      And keep us to that day!

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