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CHRIST, from whom all blessings flow,

By A Collection of Hymns

      1 CHRIST, from whom all blessings flow,
      Perfecting the saints below,
      Hear us, who thy nature share,
      Who thy mystic body are.

      2 Join us, in one spirit join,
      Let us still receive of thine;
      Still for more on thee we call;
      Thou who fillest all in all.

      3 Closer knit to thee, our Head;
      Nourish us, O Christ, and feed!
      Let us daily growth receive,
      More and more in Jesus live.

      4 Jesus, we thy members are,
      Cherish us with kindest care,
      Of thy flesh and of thy bone,
      Love, for ever love thine own!

      5 Move, and actuate, and guide:
      Divers gifts to each divide;
      Placed according to thy will,
      Let us all our work fulfil;

      6 Never from our office move,
      Needful to each other prove;
      Use the grace on each bestowed,
      Tempered by the art of God.

      7 Sweetly may we all agree,
      Touched with softest sympathy;
      Kindly for each other care;
      Every member feel its share.

      8 Wounded by the grief of one,
      Now let all the members groan;
      Honoured if one member is,
      All partake the common bliss.

      9 Many are we now and one,
      We who Jesus have put on;
      There is neither bond nor free,
      Male nor female, Lord, in thee!

      10 Love, like death, hath all destroyed,
      Rendered all distinctions void;
      Names, and sects, and parties fall:
      Thou, O Christ, art all in all!

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