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JESUS, united by thy grace,

By A Collection of Hymns

      1 JESUS, united by thy grace,
      And each to each endeared,
      With confidence we seek thy face,
      And know our prayer is heard.

      2 Still let us own our common Lord,
      And bear thine easy yoke,
      A band of love, a threefold cord,
      Which never can be broke.

      3 Make us into one spirit drink;
      Baptize into thy name;
      And let us always kindly think,
      And sweetly speak, the same.

      4 Touched by the loadstone of thy love,
      Let all our hearts agree,
      And ever towards each other move,
      And ever move towards thee.

      5 To thee, inseparably joined,
      Let all our spirits cleave;
      O may we all the loving mind
      That was in thee receive!

      6 This is the bond of perfectness,
      Thy spotless charity;
      O let us (still we pray) possess
      The mind that was in thee!

      7 Grant this, and then from all below
      Insensibly remove:
      Our souls their change shall scarcely know,
      Made perfect first in love!

      8 With ease our souls through death shall glide
      Into their paradise,
      And thence, on wings of angels, ride
      Triumphant through the skies.

      9 Yet, when the fullest joy is given,
      The same delight we prove,
      In earth, in paradise, in heaven,
      Our all in all is love.

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