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ALL praise to our redeeming Lord,

By A Collection of Hymns

      1 ALL praise to our redeeming Lord,
      Who joins us by his grace,
      And bids us, each to each restored,
      Together seek his face.

      2 He bids us build each other up;
      And, gathered into one,
      To our high calling's glorious hope
      We hand in hand go on.

      3 The gift which he on one bestows,
      We all delight to prove;
      The grace through every vessel flows,
      In purest streams of love.

      4 Even now we think and speak the same,
      And cordially agree;
      Concentred all, through Jesu's name,
      In perfect harmony.

      5 We all partake the joy of one,
      The common peace we feel,
      A peace to sensual minds unknown,
      A joy unspeakable. G And if our fellowship below
      In Jesus be so sweet,
      What heights of rapture shall we know,
      When round his throne we meet! ==501

      1 JESUS, great Shepherd of the sheep,
      To thee for help we fly:
      Thy little flock in safety keep;
      For O! the wolf is nigh.

      2 He comes, of hellish malice full,
      To scatter, tear, and slay;
      He seizes every straggling soul,
      As his own lawful prey.

      3 Us into thy protection take,
      And gather with thy arm;
      Unless the fold we first forsake,
      The wolf can never harm.

      4 We laugh to scorn his cruel power,
      While by our Shepherd's side;
      The sheep he never can devour,
      Unless he first divide.

      5 O do not suffer him to part
      The souls that here agree;
      But make us of one mind and heart,
      And keep us one in thee!

      6 Together let us sweetly live,
      Together let us die;
      And each a starry crown receive,
      And reign above the sky.

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