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COME, all whoe'er have set

By A Collection of Hymns

      4-6s & 2-8s.
      1 COME, all whoe'er have set
      Your faces Zion-ward,
      In Jesus let us us meet,
      And praise our common Lord;
      In Jesus let us still go on,
      Till all appear before his throne.

      2 Nearer, and nearer still,
      We to our country come,
      To that celestial hill,
      The weary pilgrim's home,
      The new Jerusalem above,
      The seat of everlasting love.

      3 The ransomed sons of God,
      All earthly things we scorn,
      And to our high abode
      With songs of praise return;
      From strength to strength we still proceed,
      With crowns of joy upon our head.

      4 The peace and joy of faith
      Each moment may we feel;
      Redeemed from sin and wrath,
      From earth, and death, and hell,
      We to our Father's house repair,
      To meet our elder Brother there.

      5 Our Brother, Saviour, Head,
      Our all in all, is he;
      And in his steps who tread,
      We soon his face shall see;
      Shall see him with our glorious friends,
      And then in heaven our journey ends.

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