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GLORY be to God above,

By A Collection of Hymns

      1 GLORY be to God above,
      God from whom all blessings flow;
      Make we mention of his love,
      Publish we his praise below;
      Called together by his grace,
      We are met in Jesu's name;
      See with joy each other's face,
      Followers of the bleeding Lamb.

      2 Let us then sweet counsel take,
      How to make our calling sure,
      Our election how to make
      Past the reach of hell secure;
      Build we each the other up;
      Pray we for our faith's increase,
      Solid comfort, settled hope,
      Constant joy, and lasting peace.

      3 More and more let love abound;
      Let us never, never rest,
      Till we are in Jesus found,
      Of our paradise possest;
      He removes the flaming sword,
      Calls us back, from Eden driven;
      To his image here restored,
      Soon he takes us up to heaven.

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