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COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, To

By A Collection of Hymns

      6-8s. A Prayer for Children.
      1 COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
      To whom we for our children cry;
      The good desired and wanted most
      Out of thy richest grace supply;
      The sacred discipline be given,
      To train and bring them up for heaven.

      2 Answer on them the end of all
      Our cares, and pains, and studies here;
      On them, recovered from their fall,
      Stamped with the humble character,
      Raised by the nurture of the Lord,
      To all their paradise restored.

      3 Error and ignorance remove,
      Their blindness both of heart and mind;
      Give them the wisdom from above,
      Spotless, and peaceable, and kind;
      In knowledge pure their minds renew,
      And store with thoughts divinely true.

      4 Learning's redundant part and vain
      Be all cut off, and cast aside,
      But let them, Lord, the substance gain,
      In every solid truth abide;
      Swiftly acquire, and ne'er forego,
      The knowledge fit for man to know.

      5 Unite the pair so long disjoined,
      Knowledge and vital piety:
      Learning and holiness combined,
      And truth and love, let all men see
      In those whom up to thee we give,
      Thine, wholly thine, to die and live.

      6 Father, accept them through thy Son,
      And ever by thy Spirit guide!
      Thy wisdom in their lives be shown,
      Thy name confessed and glorified;
      Thy power and love diffused abroad,
      Till all the earth is filled with God.

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