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SHEPHERD of Israel, hear

By A Collection of Hymns

      1 SHEPHERD of Israel, hear
      Our supplicating cry;
      And gather in the souls sincere
      That from their brethren fly.
      Scattered through devious ways,
      Collect thy feeble flock;
      And join by thine atoning grace,
      And hide them in the rock.

      2 O wouldst thou end the storm,
      That keeps us still apart!
      The thing impossible perform,
      And make us of one heart,
      One spirit and one mind,
      The same that was in thee:
      O might we all again be joined
      In perfect harmony!

      3 The soul-transforming word
      In us, even us, fulfil;
      Join to thyself, our common Lord,
      And all thy servants seal.
      Confer the grace unknown,
      The mystic charity;
      As thou art with the Father one,
      Unite us all in thee.

      4 So shall the world believe
      Our record, Lord, and thine;
      And all with thankful hearts receive
      The messenger divine,
      Sent from his throne above,
      To Adam's offspring given,
      To join and perfect us in love,
      And take us up to heaven.

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