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COME on, my partners in distress,

By A Collection of Hymns

      8s & 6s.
      1 COME on, my partners in distress,
      My comrades through the wilderness,
      Who still your bodies feel;
      Awhile forget your griefs and fears,
      And look beyond this vale of tears,
      To that celestial hill.

      2 Beyond the bounds of time and space,
      Look forward to that heavenly place,
      The saints' secure abode:
      On faith's strong eagle-pinions rise,
      And force your passage to the skies,
      And scale the mount of God.

      3 Who suffer with our Master here,
      We shall before his face appear,
      And by his side sit down;
      To patient faith the prize is sure,
      And all that to the end endure
      The cross, shall wear the crown.

      4 Thrice blessed, bliss-inspiring hope!
      It lifts the fainting spirits up,
      It brings to life the dead;
      Our conflicts here shall soon be past,
      And you and I ascend at last,
      Triumphant with our Head.

      5 That great mysterious Deity
      We soon with open face shall see;
      The beatific sight
      Shall fill heaven's sounding courts with praise,
      And wide diffuse the golden blaze
      Of everlasting light.

      6 The Father shining on his throne,
      The glorious co-eternal Son,
      The Spirit, one and seven,
      Conspire our rapture to complete;
      And lo! we fall before his feet,
      And silence heightens heaven.

      7 In hope of that ecstatic pause,
      Jesus, we now sustain the cross,
      And at thy footstool fall;
      Till thou our hidden life reveal,
      Till thou our ravished spirits fill,
      And God is all in all!

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