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MASTER, I own thy lawful claim,

By A Collection of Hymns

      6-8s. Luke ix.23
      1 MASTER, I own thy lawful claim,
      Thine, wholly thine, I long to be!
      Thou seest, at last, I willing am
      Where'er thou go'st to follow thee;
      Myself in all things to deny,
      Thine, wholly thine, to live and die.

      2 Whate'er my sinful flesh require
      For thee I cheerfully forego,
      My covetous and vain desires,
      My hopes of happiness below,
      My senses' and my passions' food,
      And all my thirst for creature-good.

      3 Pleasure, and wealth, and praise no more
      Shall lead my captive soul astray,
      My fond pursuits I all give o'er,
      Thee, only thee, resolved to obey;
      My own in all things to resign,
      And know no other will but thine.

      4 All power is thine in earth and heaven,
      All fulness dwells in thee alone;
      Whate'er I have was freely given,
      Nothing but sin I call my own,
      Other propriety disclaim;
      Thou only art the great I AM.

      5 Wherefore to thee I all resign;
      Being thou art, and love, and power;
      Thy only will be done, not mine!
      Thee, Lord, let heaven and earth adore!
      Flow back the rivers to the sea,
      And let our all be lost in thee!

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