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GOD of all grace and majesty,

By A Collection of Hymns

      1 GOD of all grace and majesty,
      Supremely great and good!
      If I have mercy found with thee,
      Through the atoning blood,
      The guard of all thy mercies give,
      And to my pardon join
      A fear lest I should ever grieve
      The gracious Spirit divine.

      2 If mercy is indeed with thee,
      May I obedient prove,
      Nor e'er abuse my liberty,
      Or sin against thy love:
      This choicest fruit of faith bestow
      On a poor sojourner;
      And let me pass my days below
      In humbleness and fear.

      3 Rather I would in darkness mourn
      The absence of thy peace,
      Than e'er by light irreverence turn
      Thy grace to wantonness:
      Rather I would in painful awe
      Beneath thine anger move,
      Than sin against the gospel law
      Of liberty and love.

      4 But O! thou wouldst not have me live
      In bondage, grief, or pain,
      Thou dost not take delight to grieve
      The helpless sons of men;
      Thy will is my salvation, Lord;
      And let it now take place,
      And let me tremble at the word
      Of reconciling grace.

      5 Still may I walk as in thy sight,
      My strict observer see;
      And thou by reverent love unite
      My child-like heart to thee;
      Still let me, till my days are past,
      At Jesu's feet abide,
      So shall he lift me up at last,
      And seat me by his side.

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