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AH, when shall I awake

By A Collection of Hymns

      1 AH, when shall I awake
      From sin's soft-soothing power,
      The slumber from my spirit shake,
      And rise to fall no more!
      Awake, no more to sleep,
      But stand with constant care,
      Looking for God my soul to keep,
      And watching unto prayer!

      2 O could I always pray?
      And never, never faint,
      But simply to my God display
      My every care and want!
      I know that thou wouldst give.
      More than I can request;
      Thou still art ready to receive
      My soul to perfect rest.

      3 I feel thee willing, Lord,
      A sinful world to save,
      All may obey thy gracious word,
      May peace and pardon have;
      Not one of all the race
      But may return to thee,
      But at the throne of sovereign grace
      May fall and weep, like me.

      4 Here will I ever lie,
      And tell thee all my care,
      And, Father, Abba, Father, cry,
      And pour a ceaseless prayer;
      Till thou my sins subdue,
      Till thou my sins destroy,
      My spirit after God renew,
      And fill with peace and joy.

      5 Messiah, Prince of peace,
      Into my soul bring in
      Thy everlasting righteousness,
      And make an end of sin.
      Into all those that seek
      Redemption through thy blood
      The sanctifying Spirit speak,
      The plenitude of God.

      6 Let us in patience wait
      Till faith shall make us whole;
      Till thou shalt all things new create
      In each believing soul;
      Who can resist thy will?
      Speak, and it shall be done!
      Thou shalt the work of faith fulfil,
      And perfect us in one.

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