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HELP, Lord! the busy foe

By A Collection of Hymns

      S.M. In a hurry of business.
      1 HELP, Lord! the busy foe
      Is as a flood come in!
      Lift up a standard, and o'erthrow
      The soul-distracting sin:
      This sudden tide of care
      Roll back, O God, from me,
      Nor let the rapid current bear
      My soul away from thee.

      2 The praying Spirit breathe,
      The watching power impart,
      From all entanglements beneath
      Call off my anxious heart;
      My feeble mind sustain,
      By worldly thoughts opprest;
      Appear, and bid me turn again
      To my eternal rest.

      3 Swift to my rescue come,
      Thy own this moment seize;
      Gather my wandering spirit home,
      And keep in perfect peace:
      Suffered no more to rove
      O'er all the earth abroad,
      Arrest the prisoner of thy love,
      And shut me up in God.

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