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COME, Saviour, Jesus, from above!

By A Collection of Hymns

      1 COME, Saviour, Jesus, from above!
      Assist me with thy heavenly grace;
      Empty my heart of earthly love,
      And for thyself prepare the place.

      2 O let thy sacred presence fill,
      And set my longing spirit free!
      Which pants to have no other will,
      But day and night to feast on thee.

      3 While in this region here below,
      No other good will I pursue;
      I'll bid this world of noise and show,
      With all its glittering snares, adieu!

      4 That path with humble speed I'll seek,
      In which my Saviour's footsteps shine;
      Nor will I hear, nor will I speak,
      Of any other love but thine.

      5 Henceforth may no profane delight
      Divide this consecrated soul;
      Possess it thou, who hast the right,
      As Lord and Master of the whole.

      6 Wealth, honour, pleasure, and what else
      This short-enduring world can give,
      Tempt as ye will, my soul repels,
      To Christ alone resolved to live.

      7 Thee I can love, and thee alone,
      With pure delight and inward bliss:
      To know thou tak'st me for thine own,
      O what a happiness is this!

      8 Nothing on earth do I desire,
      But thy pure love within my breast;
      This, only this, will I require,
      And freely give up all the rest.

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