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GLORIOUS God, accept a heart

By A Collection of Hymns

      7s & 6s. The same subject.
      1 GLORIOUS God, accept a heart
      That pants to sing thy praise:
      Thou without beginning art,
      And without end of days;
      Thou, a Spirit invisible,
      Dost to none thy fulness show;
      None thy majesty can tell,
      Or all thy Godhead know.

      2 All thine attributes we own,
      Thy wisdom, power, and might;
      Happy in thyself alone,
      In goodness infinite,
      Thou thy goodness hast displayed,
      On thine every work imprest;
      Lov'st whate'er thy hands have made,
      But man thou lov'st the best.

      3 Willing thou that all should know
      Thy saving truth, and live,
      Dost to each or bliss or woe
      With strictest justice give;
      Thou with perfect righteousness
      Renderest every man his due,
      Faithful in thy promises,
      And in thy threatenings too.

      4 Thou art merciful to all
      Who truly turn to thee,
      Hear me then for pardon call,
      And show thy grace to me;
      Me, through mercy reconciled,
      Me, for Jesu's sake forgiven,
      Me receive, thy favoured child,
      To sing thy praise in heaven.

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