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MEET and right it is to sing,

By A Collection of Hymns

      7s & 6s.
      1 MEET and right it is to sing,
      In every time and place,
      Glory to our heavenly King,
      The God of truth and grace;
      Join we then with sweet accord,
      All in one thanksgiving join,
      Holy, holy, holy Lord,
      Eternal praise be thine!

      2 Thee the first-born sons of light,
      In choral symphonies,
      Praise by day, day without night,
      And never, never cease;
      Angels and archangels all
      Praise the mystic Three in One,
      Sing, and stop, and gaze, and fall
      O'erwhelmed before thy throne.

      3 Vying with that happy choir,
      Who chant thy praise above,
      We on eagles' wings aspire,
      The wings of faith and love;
      Thee they sing with glory crowned,
      We extol the slaughtered Lamb;
      Lower if our voices sound,
      Our subject is the same.

      4 Father, God, thy love we praise,
      Which gave thy Son to die;
      Jesus, full of truth and grace,
      Alike we glorify;
      Spirit, Comforter divine,
      Praise by all to thee be given
      Till we in full chorus join,
      And earth is turned to heaven.

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