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Rev. Malcolm White, Blairgowrie

By Andrew Bonar

      STRACHUR, 28th August 1879.

      MY DEAR MR. WHITE,--One word to assure Mrs. White and yourself that you are not forgotten in your sorrow. 'The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.' When the Lord Jesus returns, He will bring with Him the little ones who fell asleep in Him, and how changed they will be! When my little boy died I remember Dr. Somerville read at the funeral some passages about Joseph taken from his sorrowing parents, and contrasted with that time of sadness the after-joy and wondrous delight when his father saw Joseph in all his glory! Even so, when your little boy returns with Christ at His coming, how grand and glorious he will be! what knowledge! what holy beauty! May the Comforter fill your heart with His presence, enabling you both to say to Him, 'Even so, Father!'

      Yours truly in Him,


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