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Mrs. James Bonar, his daughter-in-law

By Andrew Bonar

      GLASGOW, 29th Decr. 1884.

      MY DEAR MARY,--

      'Along the river of time we glide,
      The swiftly flowing resistless tide !'

      Only think! the year is nearly done, and I have lived seventy-four years in this world, and must be getting near the edge of the wilderness. But the prospect on before is very bright--the sadness is all in looking back. The more we know of Christ here, the more of heaven we enjoy here.

      May you and James have many a year of peace and usefulness! May 1885 be the best and happiest you have known. . . .

      Was it you or James that designed the post-card case? At any rate let me thank you for it: (1) Inasmuch as it is very useful. (2) It may be regarded as a hint from James that I need not write him any letter longer than a post-card. (3) It is so characteristic of his epistles, brief; though no doubt pithy!

      We are all well. Some of us will be writing to James and to you, before the New Year comes in, or to wish you all blessing when it does arrive.--

      Meanwhile, dear Mary, believe me, your affectionate father,


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