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Mr. David Dickson, his brother-in-law

By Andrew Bonar

      ABERNYTE, Saturday, 3rd August 1867.

      MY DEAR DAVID,--Your note was another cloud in our sky. I thought you had got better accounts of your dear boy. But if the Lord is indeed threatening to let him continue with you only for a short time, be assured that all the while 'He doth not willingly afflict.' There must be some real and special blessing on its way to Charlotte and you, and what if this illness be, after all, rather to quicken you both in prayer. Remember 'He made as though He would go farther,' all in order to draw out the desire and get expression of their importunate earnestness from the disciples.

      I will try to keep you much in mind, asking for Jamie, whether spared longer or shorter time, the faith of a boy of his own age of whom I heard here. The boy calmly spoke of his Saviour and pointed upwards. 'My place is ready.' And then as his father held his hand, 'Father, you must let my hand go, and take hold of Christ's instead.'

      Dear Charlotte, 'He knoweth our frame.'

      --Your affectionate brother,


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