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Helping or Hindering New Believers

By A.W. Tozer

      The happiest man in the world," said a well-known preacher some time ago, "is the new convert before he has met too many Bible teachers and seen too many church members." . . . The first half of our opening quotation, then, is so true as to need no verification. "The happiest man in the world is a new convert." But it is the last half that disturbs me. Why should a Bible teacher or a church member tend to destroy the joy of the new convert? Well, to be just to everyone I must assert positively that not all Bible teachers and church members would have such an adverse effect. I know Bible teachers who would delight in piling more fuel on the blazing altar of the young Christian's heart, and I know church members whose influence and example would be a source of great strength to his whole life. But I also know many of the other kind, the kind the young convert must actually climb over in his struggle to advance in the Christian life.
      The way some Bible teachers injure the new convert is to take away his simplicity; and the way some church members do it is by disillusioning him--before he is ready for it.

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