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With the Wind in Your Face

By A.W. Tozer

      Are You Feeling the Wind? ?God hath called you to Christ?s side,? wrote the saintly Rutherford, ?and the wind is now in Christ?s face in this land; and seeing ye are with Him, ye cannot expect the leeside or the sunny side of the brae.? With that beautiful feeling for words that characterized Samuel Rutherford?s most casual utterance he here crystallizes for us one of the great radical facts of the Christian life. The wind is in Christ?s face, and because we go with Him we too shall have the wind in our face. We should not expect less. The yearning for the sunny side of the brae is natural enough, and for such sensitive creatures as we are it is, I suppose, quite excusable. No one enjoys walking into a cold wind. Yet the Church has had to march with the wind in her face through the long centuries.

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