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By A.W. Tozer

      Science declares that nature abhors a vacuum. It should be happy knowledge to us, then, that the same principle is true in the kingdom of God-when you empty yourself, God Almighty rushes in! The Creator God who fills the universe and overflows into immensity can never be surrounded by that little thing we call our brain, our mind, our intellect. Never can we rise to face God by what we are and by what we know! Only by love and faith are we lifted thus to know Him and adore Him! What a happy hour it becomes when we are drawn out of ourselves, and into that vacuum rushes the blessed Presence. How wonderful in our humanity to sense the reality of the Holy Spirit's invitation: "Pour yourself out! Give yourself to Me! Empty yourself! Bring your empty earthen vessels! Come in meekness like a child!" Drawn out of ourselves by the Holy Spirit of God-for who knows the things of God but the Holy Spirit? We are delivered from ourselves when we finally seek God for Himself alone!

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