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By A.W. Tozer

       It is tragic that men and women everywhere are losing the sense of wonder, confessing now only one interest in life-and that is utility! Even Christmas Day has been degraded. We ignore the beautiful and the majestic, asking only "How can I use it? How much profit will it bring?" The believing children of God once upon a time saw God in everything. They were enraptured with everything before them. There was no common hill-they were all the hills of God! There was no common cloud-they were the chariots of God! They saw God in everything: in our day we never look up in happy surprise! But let me tell you that it has been a never-failing delight throughout my years to watch little children on Christmas morning. The gifts may be humble, but the child's burst of spontaneous delight and wonder is genuine and rewarding. That incredulous look in the child's face - everything is full of wonder and beauty! Sad, indeed, for adults to lose the wonder in worship - for worship is wonder and wonder is worship!

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