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By A.W. Tozer

       Without doubt, we have suffered the loss of many spiritual treasures because we have let slip the simple truth that the miracle of the perpetuation of life is in God! Be assured that God did not create life and toss it from Him like some petulant artist disappointed with his work. All life is in Him and out of Him, flowing from Him and returning to Him again, a moving indivisible sea of which He is the fountainhead. That eternal life which was with the Father is now the possession of believing men and women, and that life is not God's gift only-but His very Self! The regeneration of a believing soul is but a recapitulation of all His work done from the moment of creation. So, redemption is not a strange work which God for a moment turned aside to do: rather it is His same work performed in a new field, the field of human catastrophe!

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