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Mr. James Mudie, Montrose

By Andrew Bonar

      Collace, May 31st, 1844.


      --. . . I did not observe that there were five Sabbaths in June. I suppose therefore I that our Communion will be the last day of June. Now this would leave me the interval of one Sabbath to come to Dr. Brewster. . . . But I find that to be absent that Sabbath would not be possible without risking some evil consequences. And indeed I am afraid that already too much moving about has so shaken this vessel that the living water does not come up to the brim or flow over on others. My soul gets weary. O to be as those above who seem to grow holier and stronger by every act they do in their heavenly service ! 'His servants serve Him,' and all the while they 'see His face,' and His 'name' becomes brighter on their foreheads. They get more and more of the look and air of true children of such a Father. Come to us this Communion again. Perhaps you would impart some spiritual gift, and perhaps you would obtain some. My brother from Kelso (Horatius Bonar) is to be with me. Kindest regards to Mrs. Mudie. Remember me to the 'holy brethren,' the Lord's children among you. Is your servant girl walking in the truth ?--Believe me, dear brother, yours in the Lord, ANDREW A. BONAR.

      (A servant who was one day carrying Dr. Bonar's bag for him to the coach or train. He spoke some words to her about her soul, which were the means of her conversion.)


      Collace, Jan. 20th, 1847.


      --It is unkind in me not to have written sooner. It is not because I forget you or Ferryden, (Dr. Bonar twice visited Ferryden, near Montrose, during the remarkable revivals there) which is your diocese in some measure. . . . Salute that precious flock in my name. Say to Miss P - 'His way is in the sea and His path in the great waters, and His footsteps are not known. Yet He leads His people as a flock by the hand of Moses and Aaron.' Read the whole psalm--the seventy- seventh --and take courage. Say to those that have rested on the Lord Jesus, 'Run the race looking unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of your faith.' Say to those still groping in darkness, 'The Lord direct your hearts into the love of God' (2 Thess.3:5). The Holy Spirit show you the harbour for sin-tossed souls, viz., the open love of the Father which He holds out to you in His Beloved Son. Say to those still unsaved, 'O generation of vipers (see Acts 28:3, 4, venomously hating God), flee from the wrath to come' (Luke3:7). Will our greatly honoured and revered and beloved friend, Dr. Brewster, let me send these messages? It is only Timothy's message to Paul's sheep.

      Now, brother, for yourself. One word only, Acts 20:35, Paul's words in closing his address. 'It is more blessed,' said our Master, 'to give than to receive.' And then they prayed. Is not this as if he had said, 'Our Master delights to give; it is His blessedness to give; come, then, let us kneel and ask Him for some gift.'

      So be it with you. Kindest regards to Mrs. Mudie 'till the Daybreak.' --Yours truly in the Lord,



      GLASGOW, 18th Nov. 1859.


      --Your letter was most interesting and gladdening, you see in it a proof of the great principle to which Psalm 74: 2 refers: 'Lift up thy feet to--this Mount Zion in which Thou hast dwelt.' The Lord will yet pour a greater Pentecost shower on Israel's Land and people, even because He gave the first shower,--and so you are finding that He returns to Ferryden where He formerly wrought. But how remarkable is this work among you! The cases of persons struck may be meant there, as elsewhere, to draw attention, and bring together the careless. In itself, don't you think, the case of one struck down amounts to no more than awakening or deep conviction? It is not conversion in itself. We will pray for you, and perhaps you will let us hear again how the work progresses. It is not in my power to leave my post here at present.

      The Lord is gathering in His elect quickly. Tell men, dear brother, that Jesus of Nazareth passes by, and it is now or never with thousands! How Dr. Brewster would rejoice to witness his old sphere of labour drenched in these heavy showers! I think I hear and see him as he stood at the Communion Table, the last time I was with him, saying 'Come and see!' . . . Yours truly in the Lord,


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