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Let us not be weary in well-doing

By A.B. Simpson

      If Paul could only know the consolation and hope that he has ministered to the countless generations who have marched along the pathway from the cross to the kingdom above! He would be willing to go through a thousand lives and a thousand deaths such as he endured for the blessing that has followed since his noble head rolled in the dust by the Ostian Gate of Rome. And if the least of us could only anticipate the eternal issues that will probably spring from our humblest services of faith, we should only count our sacrifices and labors unspeakable heritages of honor and opportunity. We would cease to speak of trials and sacrifices made for God. The smallest grain of faith is a deathless and incorruptible germ that will yet plant the heavens and cover the earth with harvest of imperishable glory. Let us lift up our heads, for the horizon is wider than the little circle we can see. We are living, we are suffering, we are laboring, we are trusting for the ages yet to come!

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