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Quit you like men

By A.B. Simpson

      Be brave. Cowards always get hurt. Brave men generally come out unharmed. Jeremiah, was a hero. He shrank from nothing. He faced his king and countrymen with dauntless bravery, and the result was he suffered no harm but came through the siege of Jerusalem without a hair being injured. Zedekiah, the cowardly king, was always afraid to obey God and be true, and the result was he at last met the most cruel punishment ever inflicted on a human being. The men and women who from the beginning stand true to their convictions have the fewest tests. When God gives to you a hard trial, if you can stand the strain He may not repeat it. When Abraham offered up his son Isaac on Mount Moriah, it was a final testing for the rest of his life. Do not let Satan see that you are afraid of him, for he will pursue to the death if he thinks that he has a chance of getting you. Be true, be true, Whether friends be false or few, Whatsoe'er betide, ever at His side, Let Him always find you true.

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