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He shall dwell on high

By A.B. Simpson

       It is easier for a consecrated Christian to live a total life for God than to live a mixed life. A soul redeemed and sanctified by Christ is too large for the shoals and sands of a selfish, worldly, sinful life. The great motor vessel can sail in deep waters without an effort, but she can make no progress in the shallow pool. In the crowded harbor, the smallest tugboat is worth a dozen of her, but out in mid-ocean she can outdistance it in an hour. Beloved, your life is too large, too glorious, too divine for the small place in which you are trying to live. Your purpose is too petty. Arise and dwell on high in the resurrection life of Jesus and in the inspiring hope of His blessed coming. Rise with thy risen Lord, Ascend with Christ above, And in the heavenlies walk with Him, Whom seeing not, you love. Walk as a heavenly race, Princes of royal blood; Walk as the children of the light, The sons and heirs of God.

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