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Praying always . . . for all saints

By A.B. Simpson

      What a priceless bit of counsel! Stop praying so much for yourself; begin to ask unselfish things, and see if God will not give you faith. See how much easier it will be to believe for another than for your own concerns. Try the effect of praying for the world, for definite things, for difficult things, for glorious things, for things that will honor Christ and save mankind. After you have received a few wonderful answers to prayer in this direction, see if you will not feel stronger to touch your own little burden with a divine faith and then go back again to the high place of unselfish prayer for others. Have you ever learned the beautiful art of letting God take care of you and giving all your thought and strength to pray for others and for the kingdom of God? It will relieve you of a thousand cares. It will lift you up into a noble and lofty sphere and teach you to live and love like God. Lord, save us from our selfish prayers; give us the faith that works through love and the heart of Christ for a perishing world.

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