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To Friends In The Ministry In Pennsylvania and New Jersey

By George Fox

      To Friends In The Ministry In Pennsylvania and New Jersey (1685)

      Dear Friends, - With my love to you all, and all the rest of Friends; I was glad to hear from you; but you gave me no account of the increase of truth amongst you, nor what meetings you have had amongst the Indian kings and their people abroad in the countries, and of your visiting Friends in New England, Virginia, and Carolina, nor of your travels and labours in the gospel; who have in all those countries, liberty to serve and worship God, and preach the truth. And I understand many have a desire to live in it, especially in Carolina; and you who travel now from Friends, to Friends thither, it is thought strange that you do not visit them; therefore I desire that you may all improve your gifts and talents, and not hide them in a napkin, lest they be taken from you; and not to put your candle under a bushel, lest it go out; and not to be like the foolish virgins, which kept their name of virgins, but neglected having oil in their lamps. Such were not diligent in the work of God, nor in the concerns of the Lord, nor in their own particulars. And therefor my desires are, that you may all be diligent, serving the Lord and minding his glory, and the prosperity of his truth, this little time that you have left to live; and be not Adam in the earth, but use this world as thought you did not use it; for they that covet after this world, fall into divers snares and hurtful lusts. And therefore consider, that you are but sojourners here, that you may pass your time in the fear of God; and you being many, and having many of the Friends of the ministry, going over into those parts, you may be a hindrance one unto another, if you do not travel in the life of the universal truth, that would have all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth. And if you would have them come to the knowledge of the truth, let them know it, and where it is to be found. So I desire that you be valiant for it upon the earth, that you may give a good account unto God at the last with joy. So, I desire that all Friends in the ministry may see this in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

      And so with my love to you all in the holy seed of life that reigns over all. Amen.


      Enfield, the 30th of the 5th month, 1685

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