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To Suffering Friends In Prison At Bristol

By George Fox

      To Suffering Friends In Prison At Bristol (1683)

      Dear Friends, - With my love to all the prisoners and the faithful, as though I names them. It is the time now for all the faithful to keep in Christ their sanctuary, in whom you have all peace, rest, life, and salvation, and by the testimony of Jesus, and the blood of the Lamb, whose names are written in the Lamb's book of life, before the foundations of the world they were they that did overcome, and did eat of the hidden manna, and had the new name. And therefore now is the time to keep the word of patience, and the testimony of Jesus; for they that keep the word of patience, the Lord will keep them in the hour of temptation, which will come upon the whole world, to try them which dwell upon the earth; for the word was before the world was, and the tempter; for all things were made by the word. And it is also the word of reconciliation, the word of power, the word of wisdom. and the word of life, and the word of salvation, by which people are reconciled to God, that are born again of the incorruptible seed by the word of God; and they feed and grow by the milk of the work, which lives, and abides, and endures for ever, which strengthens all the faithful, in all ages, in their afflictions, imprisonments, and sufferings; and it is the same to God's people now in this day of trial, to preserve all his people every where, in his spirit and power, faithful to himself; for, he that endures faithful to the end shall be saved. and Christ saith, "He that is ashamed of me before men, him will I be ashamed of before my Father, and his angels which are in heaven." And therefore it is good to confess Christ before men, to be your priest, prophet, your shepherd, your bishop. you way, your mediator, that makes peace betwixt God and you; and be valiant for his glorious name and truth upon the earth. And so with my love in the seed, in which you and all nations are blessed.


      From Dolston, the 6th of the 10th month, 1683

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