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To Friends at Dantzic

By George Fox

      To Friends at Dantzic (1676)

      Dear Friends, - In the love of God,and the Lord Jesus Christ, look above all your outward sufferings, and him that is out of truth, that makes you to suffer; and let nothing separate you form the love of God which you have in Christ Jesus, by whom all things were made: I say, let not the birth of the flesh, with all his carnal weapons, jails, and prisons, threats, or reproaches, move you, nor separate you from the love of God, nor from your foundation, the rock of ages, Christ Jesus: but feel the well of life springing up in you, to nourish the plant that God has planted in you, of his renown, that that may grow up within his hedge, his power, which will keep out the devil and all the venomous beasts, from entering into God's garden, or kingdom. And therefore let your faith stand in the Lord's power, which is your hedge and defense, and which is your keeper, and will keep you safe, that you need not be afraid of your enemy, your adversary; for the Lord's power is over his head, and you within his power, then nothing can get betwixt you and God; and in the power of the Lord is the city set upon his hill, where the light shines, and the heavenly salt is, and the lamps burning, and trumpets sounding forth the praise of God, of the eternal joy, in his eternal word of life, that lives, and abides, and endure forever. And so to the praise and glory of God you may bring forth fresh and green fruit, being grafted into the green tree that never withers.

      Oh! be valiant for God's glory and his truth upon the earth, and spread it abroad, answering that of God in every man and woman's conscience; knowing him that hath brought everlasting peace into the earth: so, the songs of salvation may be in your mouths; for it is said, "With the heart man believes, and with the mouth confession is made to salvation." So every true believer will confess to Christ his salvation, their way, light, and life, out of death and darkness; their prophet, to open to them; their shepherd, to feed them; and their bishop, to oversee them; their captain and commander, to command and to lead them; their counsellor, to counsel them; and their prise, who hath offered himself for them, and also sanctifies them, and offers them up to God: to whom be all praise and glory for ever. Amen.

      I wrote something to the magistrates, which is in print in England; which, if your have it not to give them, you may send into Holland, and let it be translated into your language, and given to them, and spread it up and down in your country.

      And as for the truth in this part of the world, and in America, it prospers, and spreads, and goes on; and by it many men and women are made God's free men and women, being redeemed from him that is out of truth, that they may serve God in the life of Christ Jesus, (out of the old life in Adam in the fall,) and so come to live in the heavenly unity, wisdom, love, and dominion.(p>

      So, in that love that bears all things, and keeps your hearts, minds, and souls up to God, through which you come to love God, and Christ, and one another; in that live and dwell.


      Swarthmore, the 17th of the 3rd month, 1676

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