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Not To Trust In UncertainRiches

By George Fox

      Not To Trust In Uncertain Riches (1669)

      All Friends, be ye as strangers to all things visible and created, but be aquatinted with the Creator, your maker, the Lord God Almighty; for outward things are not durable riches, nor durable substance, nor durable habitations, for they have wings and will fly away; and so therefore be as pilgrims and strangers to the world, and all worldly, created and visible things, and witness redemptions from the earth, that you may reign upon the earth, as kings and priest to God, that you may know a habitation in god, and the riches of his grace and life, that is everlasting, and a substance that fadeth not away, the riches which hath not wings, and the riches that is not deceitful, that is durable and true. For men trusting in outward riches, and outward things, they will deceive and fail them, and have wings and flee away from them. And so man in that state is deceived, and riches are deceitful to him. Therefore, as I said before, be as strangers and pilgrims to the world, and all things therein, possess, as though you did not; be above all such things, and loose to them in the invisible life and power, which is over all things: for the birth that is born again of the immortal seed by the word of God, that lives and abides, and endures forever, and is above all things; for all things are upheld by his word and power. And so be aquatinted with the heavenly and certain riches, the durable substance, and the everlasting possession and inheritance of life, through which you may be acquainted with your maker and Creator, the Lord God Almighty.


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